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The Deal

This jungle scar in business is a story about a business transaction which went awry and involved a close friend. Our entrepreneurial organisation was into commodities brokering in the late nineties and my partner and I had just been given a contract to supply sorghum to a large brewery. This contract came through this close friend who had contacts in …

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Your Compass

The worst thing that can happen in the jungle or anywhere for that matter is not to know which direction to go as one will soon get lost. However having a compass and knowing how to use it alongside understanding the movements of the elementals like the Sun and the Moon, will help to map out where one is located …

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Tough Terrains

The jungle has plenty of prey and also loads of predators. The jungle can be noisy yet quiet, the jungle can be very beautiful and yet ugly. It can be very rewarding yet very frustrating and it can be quite exacting and yet very fulfilling.  All is not often as it appears to be in the jungle and a nice …

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