Book Comments – the Junglepreneur concept is going to captivate its readers

generalAfter reading the book I believe the junglepreneur concept is going to captivate its readers. This book is going to become a bestseller. K.C.

The concept of the junglepreneur is so fascinating and unique that it might turn out to be a game changer. After reading parts of the book I think it could become a subject taught in business schools. A.B, Germany.

The junglepreneur vision is so massive and exciting with mind blowing possibilities. I looked forward to the day when junglepreneurs from all over the world will meet in one location to share tough terrain stories and show their business scars. Should this event happen it will be explosive. A.F, West Africa

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Alpesh Kumar Patel, Founder and CEO of Mi-Fone and OJU Africa Ltd. Mi-Fone is the fastest growing mobile devices brand in Africa.