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In this currently evolving world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, you need an extra leverage and we call this ‘Strategic Adaptation’.

Junglepreneurship is about how to thrive regardless of the manner in which business plays out in practice. It is unique, practical, and versatile.


Learn to respond effectively to constantly evolving situations and environments.

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Tools for start-up, Business growth


So, you have an amazing start-up idea that is going to change the world. But how do you move it from the conceptual phase to the product development phase? Tech start-ups face a lot of challenges to get off the ground. Be it documentation or marketing, they rely on numerous tools to automate every part of the way.

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Financial Growth


Financial growth strategy is desirable for businesses to raise their financial status. Financial growth is usually the result of increasing the level of objectives of a company with regard to their past accomplishments – and is often indicated through a rise in market shares, sales, and brand image.

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How to Handle Business Pressure

Handling business affairs in the present fast-paced world can bring pressure on work and personal life. Business induced pressures can be upsetting and also have bad side effects on your health if not dealt with properly. Learning how to handle this is therefore important to your success as a business person. Here are five tactics for dealing with business pressure.

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5 must read books for business growth

As an entrepreneur, you have a finger in every pie. It gets especially tough to maintain the momentum when paths of managing and growing a business do not align as well as a business owner would want.

When in doubt, seek high-quality help on the paths that you could take to infuse new life to your organization and bolster business growth? Below are five recommended go-to business growth books.

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