About Us

Who We Are

Famous for propagating the art of succeeding and surviving in tough business terrains, the Junglepreneur Group is a business lifestyle brand, specialising in strategic adaptation, thought-leadership, organizational and personal development for challenging environments.

Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to inspire and empower organisations and people towards achieving their maximum potential.

This is through an adventurous, fulfilling, and enjoyable business lifestyle along with the practical ways of surviving and thriving in challenging business environments.

The Junglepreneur


Junglepreneurship is about how to thrive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous terrain regardless of how challenging this may be.

Since modern-day business can be unconventional and tough by its very nature, it requires people with adaptable strategies and sharpened capabilities to succeed and survive in it.

What We Do

The way of the Junglepreneur is the rugged, practical, versatile sustainable and ethical way of developing and using such adaptable strategies and sharpened capabilities required to survive and succeed in any challenging environment. We do this through strategy, advisory, and executive coaching.

How We Help

We help by providing, thought leadership, frameworks, tools, pragmatic content, valuable life experiences and inspirational merchandise.

This way, we enable, coach and support people and organizations in tough terrains to transcend challenges, achieve all-round excellence and joyfully attain higher heights of prosperity.

Our Core Values







Let's Journey Together

In today’s tough, jungle-like business terrains, the new law of survival is king and the Junglepreneur by reason of composition and training is the most attuned person to its rules.

Become Jungle CAPABLE

Your key distinctions as a Junglepreneur are your unique formation process, the location of your business activities, and your immense survival capacity in the face of rapidly changing environments.

We inspire you to survive and thrive on your journey through being creative, adaptable, persistent, aware, brave, linked, and energized.