David Oludotun Fasanya


David Oludotun FasanyaFrom his early days in military high school; to holiday blue collar factory worker years; to starting business with a blank laptop, no money, electricity or phones, the seeds of tough junglepreneurship were sown in him. By dint of hardwork, determination and rugged perseverance over many terrains and years, today Dr. David Oludotun Fasanya is founder and chief strategist of the Junglepreneur Group.

By applying his knowledge and practical experience, he brings fresh and valuable insights and has to date, consulted on large scale projects for Morgan Stanley, Astra Zeneca, JP Morgan Chase, NHS Trust, Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) UK, PFP Energy, Silent Talker AI and OPCC-West Yorkshire in developed economies. He has also implemented solutions for Zenith Bank, TCC Ogere, Cyberspace NG and Union Bank and facilitated for May and Baker Plc, Pfizer Pharma, DHL, Poise Finishing School, UAC Foods & Cool FM in developing economies.

Among others, he holds an MSc (with Distinction) in International Business & Finance from Leicester Business School and a PhD in Management (International Business) from Lancaster University. In April 2019, he was nominated for the prestigious R.D. Pearce Best Paper Prize, at the joint International Business Conference of Reading University, and United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD).

His current research interests include multinational enterprises (MNE’s), emerging economies, and strategies that enhance foreign direct investment (FDI) and comparative advantages in a post Covid-19 era. In his spare time, David loves exotic travel with family & friends, music surfing on Spotify, martial arts and golf.


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Author of the Junglepreneur book on strategic adaptation, he brings unique perspectives to the overlaps of business theory and practice. He has also co-authored academic articles in leading publications like the A+ rated Journal of Business Research. With positive energy, wit, fun and passion, he distils well over 20 years of experience and business jungle scars, to stimulate growth, capability and results in his interactions.

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