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10 Essential Tools for All Tech Start-ups

So, you have an amazing start-up idea that is going to change the world. But how do you move it from the conceptual phase to the product development phase? Tech start-ups face a lot of challenges to get off the ground. Be it documentation or marketing, they rely on numerous tools to automate every part of the way.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

  1. Ease of paying with Stripe

Stripe is a wholesome payment platform that developers love. You can accept instant payments from customers with pre-defined widgets for nearly all eCommerce platforms, send pay-outs, and keep your transactions secure.

  1. Engage customers with FreshChat

FreshChat is a modern chatting system that you can set up on your website for your customers. It uses AI to create automated bots that assist with precise answers and conversations. Let customers reach out to you via mobile, social messengers, or on web and help them with targeted outbound messages.

  1. Market your business with MailChimp

User interaction is a must for all tech start-ups. MailChimp makes staying in touch easy by creating impressive marketing emails. You can set up timed campaigns, create detailed surveys, and automate your marketing so that it reaches more people. MailChimp’s reports are very detailed, so that you can understand the effectiveness of your campaign in clear, measurable terms.

  1. Manage your team with Asana

You can organise and manage your team tasks with Asana. Invite team members and assign them tasks, contribute together in real time, attach files, comment, tag key individuals, and manage priorities – all from a unified dashboard!

  1. Amass followers online with Hootsuite

The best brands enjoy immense popularity online. Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from a unified dashboard. You can create posts, preview and schedule them, and obtain detailed metrics on their performance in one place.

  1. Document to your heart’s content with DeveloperHub

Want to make customers understand your product? Or need to explain developers how to use your product API? Create, collaborate, and publish documents online with DeveloperHub hosts visually appealing documentation for your APIs and your products through a powerful editor that everybody on your team can use for writing.

  1. Measure analytics with Google Analytics

Ideally, this should be the first tool that all tech start-ups should install on all pages of their websites. Google Analytics helps you understand how users are navigating across your website, where is the traffic coming from, how much time your visitors are spending on your pages, and what pages could perform better. This tool is so powerful that it has almost become a necessity with the current marketers and SEO analysts.

  1. Increase productivity with the G-Suite

All of us have used google mail, google docs, and calendar. A free email hosting service means you have to have separate mailing and calendar apps. The G-suite is ideal for tech start-ups because it integrates with everything else, at amazingly affordable monthly costs per user.

  1. Monitor inbound sales and marketing with HubSpot

HubSpot is another must-have tool in your start-up arsenal. It monitors entire journey of a customer. HubSpot integrates with mail IDs and provides up-to-date information about your sales pipeline.

  1. Host your code and track errors with GitHub and Sentry

GitHub is world’s leading software development platform, loved by tech start-ups everywhere. You can host and review codes, manage projects, and build software along with nearly 50 million developers. And in case of errors, just use Sentry. The integration is easy and your developers will have more ease in diagnosing, fixing, and optimising their codes.

Which of these platforms are you going to add to your array? Share your thoughts with us.

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