importance of focus


The business jungle can be a noisy place with many things calling for immediate attention. It is a place with many actors and scenarios all making a show of their prowess and abilities. It is very easy to lose sight of goals and be mesmerised, drawn in, or even overwhelmed by the successes and seeming infinite abilities of others. It is also possible to be even intimidated by the noise coming from the goal or obstacles that are meant to be conquered in themselves.

Thus the business jungle is a place that requires learning to be still and be focused or for time to be spent quietly thinking and reflecting on the situations or options one faces. This process strengthens the ability to focus intently on an issue, goal or challenge till it is solved.

Focus is the secret of the laser which combines many rays of light into one single powerful beam which can pierce thorough many substrates. The same principle of focus applies to us when we congregate all our human abilities and resources into one place and direction for achieving a goal. It results in great power and momentum that creates a powerful force which will penetrate through any obstacle.

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