3 Proven Brand Strategies in Print Media for Your Business

3 Proven Brand Strategies in Print Media for Your Business

Most businesses today adopt a digital-first approach as part of their brand strategy. Print advertisements, in fact, have become a bit of an afterthought for many businesses. However, print is not dead, and it is still an effective marketing tool.

Here are some eye-opening stats for you, if you think otherwise.

(Source: Top Media Advertising, UK)

  •  People are 70% more likely to remember a business seen in print, as compared to online adverts.
  •  Newspapers and magazines enjoy 63% more popularity while the internet just 25%.
  •  61% of readers trust advertisements in newspapers as opposed to 42% who find online ads more credible.
  •  Online campaigns become 400% more effective when print and digital ads are combined.
  •  80% of conventional mail is opened while just 20% of emails are read – the rest are discarded.
  •  95% of people under 25 read magazines.

Surprised? We were too.

Now that you want to include print media in your brand strategy from now on, here are three proven methods to get started:

Local print advertisements

Targeted, hyperlocal advertising can be powerful in reaching high-value customers – especially if you are a small business. In fact, many big conglomerates invest heavily in local print advertisements as part of their brand strategy. If you want to spice things up, infuse local flavor through location-specific imagery and messaging.

Direct mail

Mailers are a great way to engage customers and prospects. The only catch is to make your advert stand out from junk mail. Incorporate design elements that are attention-grabbing such as vibrant colors, bold text, quality images, etc. and don’t forget to deliver value with your mailer, a coupon, or a gift card for instance.


Pamphlets are tried-and-tested tools for quickly attracting customers and prospects. They can be tucked neatly into pockets, purses, or backpacks, and when paired with the right message, they become convenient and informative print pieces.

Try incorporating these advertising ideas in your brand strategy and see better returns on your marketing investments, brand image, and sales.

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