Time Management

Time Management

Surviving in tough terrains requires time management skills. The ability to manage all the activities that need to be done in the given space of time is actually time management. Managing time itself is not possible since time cannot be controlled but just ticks away, therefore the focus of managing time should be on the activities we use time for. So to utilising time well it is important for the Junglepreneur to be a self-leading person and a self-starter who is not reactive to issues or situations as they come up.

The Junglepreneur must specifically carve up every minute and hour of time to know exactly what it will be spent on. In time management determine your activities in order of importance and decide how much time is available to allocate to them then apply this strictly. In this regard it will be useful to also encourage simplicity with regards to executing tasks, communications or in conducting business to save useful time. This is except in cases where there is a real need for very extensive and time consuming detail which can be justified in relation to valuable contributions it will make towards achieving the overall vision or goal.

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