Five Unique Business Ideas for Small Towns

Five Unique Business Ideas for Small Towns

The best thing about a small town is, “If you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else definitely does.” And what better way to capitalize on this other than setting up unique business ideas for small towns?

You see something missing; you fill the gap and that’s how most businesses kickstart.



We live in an era where big companies have penetrated every nook and corner.

Running a business in a small town has its own challenges. It is a small pond, yes. But there are big fishes, small fishes, and old fishes in that pond. However, nobody said anything about not even trying.

To stand out, you have to be the first, the best, or unique.

We say, why can’t you be all three?

Here are five unique business ideas for small towns to begin your entrepreneurial journey: 

  • Food truck/Bakery/Grocery store/Coffee Shop and Bar  

You can open a bakery where you can sell signature pies, cakes, scones, and tarts. You can literally drive your food truck where the crowds are and build a base around markets and events that small towns are known for.

Another idea around food, is a grocery store, coffee shop and bar for people to visit and socialise with their friends or dates.

  • Tutoring/Coaching service

Children are everywhere, and most homes have their timetables that revolve around their schoolwork. The internet today is the answer to most questions we have, but nothing beats having a person who is ready to walk you step-by-step through the concepts.

You can start as a home tutor or build a team of tutors who offer specialized services.

  • Boutique fitness 

In a small town where the sense of community is strong, boutique fitness classes are a great idea to start, especially in an economy where on-demand premium services are the demand of the day.

  • Car wash/Hair salon/Barber shop

You can open a hair & beauty salon/barbershop, as everyone needs a trim, once in a while. A car wash, hair salon, or a barber shop is a good idea and you can really build a thriving business by offering these services.

  • Microbrewery  

Competition, rent, and the set-up are the biggest challenges for a microbrewery. Luckily, small towns have a lot of space and this is exactly where you could benefit the most.

Establishing a microbrewery may seem a tall order but if you dream and love beer then you know that this business is for you.

Which of these unique business ideas are you thinking of trying? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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