£100 Business Start Ups

£100 Business Start Ups

Gone are the days when huge financial backing was required to start a business. What if you could start a business right now and rake in profits by next week, and that too in as little as £100?


It’s pretty simple Small business ideas are all around you. You can get started on household items that can be made and sold, and technologies that you can use. Here are three of them to get started:

  •  eBay business

Maybe you’ve not bought or sold on eBay, but surely know somebody who has. eBay is used by nearly 170,000 businesses as a primary or secondary source of income. If you want to get started with a side business on eBay, the UK alone has a potential target audience of about 14 million users.

Begin by deciding on a product to sell. This product can be used, new, or both. Purchase from importers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to get the cheapest deals. Your sales should be reliable and safe. Know more about how to go about this here.

  •  Handmade candles, cards, and crafts

There are several different kinds of candles that suit a wide range of audiences. The same goes for crafts and cards. You can go for scented jar candles, floating candles, wedding candles, aromatherapy candles, get well soon cards, anniversary cards, birthday cards, and so on.

You can begin selling your wares at farmers’ markets, local craft fairs, or advertisements in local newspapers. Once your business takes off, you can transition to Etsy or supply the local craft shops directly.

  •  House and garden maintenance

Buy yourself some cleaning products, equipment, rake, gardening tools, dusters, and broom for a lot less than £100 and you can start delivering house cleaning and garden maintenance services. This is a year-round job and you can tend to a large target market. The best part? You can work absolutely anywhere, anytime.

To advertise, use local media, leaflets, and email marketing with great customer testimonials. More than this, word of mouth will take you much further if you provide good service.

Ready to begin? Don’t forget to share your entrepreneurial journey with us!

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