Keep On Moving

“Keep on moving, don’t stop” is the refrain from a hit song by the popular Soul to Soul band.   How so true are these words in every aspect of life particularly in entrepreneurship and business. First it starts with your mindset and in this regard if you can tune your mind to make progress in the right direction then you are generating mobility and momentum. This keeps on driving you to attain your vision and goals. On this journey, sometimes the way will be so smooth that you can move at dizzying speed and at other times there may be bumps, impediments and sharp bends along the way which requires you to move slow and steady. Either way, as long as you don’t stop completely but can manage to retain some measure of mobility then you will ultimately obtain what you desire. For example, the salmon fish is known to migrate from the oceans to fresh water bodies so it can spawn its eggs in an environment conducive to its breeding. Through this journey, it has to often swim against water currents and in some cases it is known to swim upstream a river or even up steep waterfalls. It just keeps on moving and during this process the salmon develops the strength and texture for which it is well known and valued for.

Mobility in another sense could be physical and refers to moving your goods and services from one location to another for the purpose of transacting your business. Ensuring this occurs efficiently is a useful deployment of your energy. Mobility could also mean regularly getting and retain access to all the international business locations necessary for your endeavor. This access could be either through physical means or through communicative means. Ensuring your own personal mobility is also critical because moving around and communicating freely means you can meet the people and organisations vital to success and make the most of opportunities as they emerge. In another sense, mobility also means constantly persevering in the direction of your goals and visions. This is because in the real-life jungle, even if you are a veteran and know what you are doing, still you can never underestimate its dangers and opportunities, and so you have to keep on moving – you can’t afford to get tired. Likewise in challenging terrains, irrespective of your experience level, you need to keep moving forward so as to stay ahead of challenges and to maximize opportunities.

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