June 25th – Junglepreneur Day!

June 25th – Junglepreneur Day!

June 25th is Junglepreneur day. This is the day our brand was founded and a time we set aside to celebrate the journey of all business people through various tough terrains, aspiring or established business persons alike. 

Business is a jungle and sometimes it feels like a lonely journey, but you are not alone in this walk. Many are cheering you on, we are cheering you on and the universe itself is cheering you on too. 

As you pass through tough terrains, keep going, keep on moving, till you survive, thrive and colour your journey with success. Today we celebrate you and your journey! 

We would love to hear your jungle stories about your own journey. Share your story with us, through the contact form on our homepage, and we will publish the best ones here on this platform and on our social media forums.  

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