Money In Tough Terrains

Even in the dry desert there is money to be made so no matter how rough or tough the terrain turf is, one can make good money if the know how is there. So how does one do this? First the money to be made all around and it is closer than we think. It starts by taking closer notice of things within the immediate vicinity to see opportunities. Secondly, sense the money is there even if you not physically see the money, still it is everywhere in the environment. Some basic steps for sourcing money in tough terrains are:

Locate Income Sources

Start by finding out what the city or country of the business terrain relies on for income. You can also make it a habit of finding out concerning the income source of every city visited on business or holiday. However starting with the city where you conduct business, there are usually one, two or multiple streams of income that cities or countries depend on to survive. These cities have worked this out over time based on the resources and opportunities available to their location. The reason why knowing the income source of the city is important is because this is the main economic lifeline. The income source is like a river and it is what drives all commerce, money flow into and out of that city or country. The income source essentially drives all life and living in that city and the Junglepreneur needs to be aware of the source and be connected to it.

The city or country’s income source is revenue earned from one or a combination of the following: natural resources, agro-allied, licencing, commodities, services, taxes, livestock, royalties, tourism, technology, infrastructure, innovation etc. The income may also be unreported incomes earned through the informal economy. However in most countries of the world the sources are easily identifiable.

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