Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Starting up a new business is tough work; there are the numerous legal documents which must be reviewed, a financial strategy that is to be followed and building an effective workforce to help your new business rise up in the ranks. Even though the former two can be outsourced to a professional, managing your employees is something that needs to be done by yourself, which is why it can be a daunting task. After all, it is the employees that form the basis of an organization. So let’s have a look at some tips which you can use to maximize your employees’ potential.

Set Realistic Targets

The first thing that you need to review is the target that you set for each employee. Though there may be some employees that can put in extra effort and efficiency, others may not be able to cope up with such high targets. This is why you need to set realistic target goals for each employee according to their capabilities. This is especially the case with new employees, who might need to go through a steep learning curve in order to reach high targets. Also it is important to allow them some flexibility, as the inability to reach their targets may cause a lack of self confidence and also discourage them from achieving their maximum potential.

Give Credit Where Due

Your feedback should not be limited to criticism or suggestions on how employees can improve alone. Employers should also acknowledge an employee’s improved performance as this can encourages them to move forward. For example, if you are running a sales business, it would be motivating to offer gifts or rewards to the employee who achieves the highest sales at the end of the month. Simple things like these often go overlooked, but can highly boost an employee’s morale.

Promote a Feeling of Ownership

Instead of making employees’ feel like they work for you, make them feel they work ‘with you’ and thus promote a feeling of ownership and responsibility for the company as a whole. This, in turn, can assure long term commitment and better performance for your new business.


BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a relatively new trend that started gaining traction in the mid 2000s. It consists of encouraging employees to bring their own devices to work instead of using office equipment. Not only does this have obvious monetary benefits in terms of saved costs, it also promotes better performance in employees according to numerous surveys. However the drawback is that your company information may be on numerous private devices so you need to put security measures in place to ensure that only authorized access is granted from personal devices to say your company servers.

You can also take steps to ensure that unauthorized company information cannot be downloaded to private devices. This means that despite encouraging a BYOD policy, you will still need to make some investment in company owned devices to create a baseline technology environment for your organization.

Uphold Workplace Ethics

There also needs to be a strict guideline pertaining to workplace ethics. But it just doesn’t end there; you need to set an example for them by applying these guidelines to yourself.  So if your office is a no-smoking zone, that doesn’t mean it’s an ‘employee no-smoking only zone’. If your restaurant business requires staff members to wear hairnets in the kitchen, you need to do that too. So in essence you should champion the type behavior that you want your employees to display as they are likely to mirror your actions.

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