Selecting and Developing Employees for an Organisation

What is Human Resource Management?

In an organisation, human resource management (HRM) is the management function responsible for selecting, training, developing, motivating and rewarding employees. HRM is also saddled with maintaining the corporate structure regarding leadership, organisational culture and regulatory compliance with employment laws. Human resource management is one of the major systems within an organization and this is why it is important to have a strong HRM function for your establishment. Two important aspects of this function are selecting employees and developing their potential.

Useful guidelines to follow when selecting potential employees

  • Choose candidates whose credentials can help you achieve your organization’s goals and whom you can also help to develop their abilities.
  • Evaluate a candidate on the basis of competency rather than just academic qualifications or experience.
  • Select a candidate that has the potential to give stable and loyal service to the company.
  • Always carry out a background check on every candidate and confirm all information giving to you by the candidate.
  • Ensure you get references about the candidate from their previous colleagues and employers.

 Some important tips for maximising your employees’ potential:

  • Set realistic goals for each employee according to their capabilities.
  • Maintain clear and effective guidelines relating to workplace duties and ethics.
  • Promote a feeling of co-ownership to ensure long term commitment and better performance.
  • Always appreciate employee’s improved performance or extra efforts as this can encourage them towards better effort.

Summary: Human resource management is the process of hiring as well as developing employees. It plays a vital role in achieving the business goals of an organisation

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