Valuing Your Own Time

Valuing Your Own Time

Concerning the value of time, it was Jim Rohn the internationally acclaimed public speaker and business mentor that said “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”. Based on this statement by Jim, we can postulate that over time, the time value of time is very high.

Since one cannot get more time, you obviously cannot in reality accrue time in arrears as you only have the present and future time. Therefore the value of the present time which one has is even more valuable, so it is then very important to use the present time well and plan properly too for the use of the future time even before it arrives.

A useful exercise is to prepare an hour by hour schedule for how every hour will be spent and then keep a daily record of actual activities. It would be useful to know how much time one is spending on certain activities and if the time cycle can be reduced by faster or more efficient action.

Determine to always control your own agenda and the demands made on your time by deciding very early in each day the 5 to 7 key activities of your own choice which will take priority for that day. Then rank those activities and schedule to do them in their order of importance and if you don’t conclude them then continue the next day. When next a demand is made on your time outside of these activities determine the importance of that demand in line with your pre-determined plan for your time and then respond accordingly.

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