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5 Great Part-Time Business Ideas

A part-time business is one that doesn’t take up all of your time – at least not until you want it to expand. Part-time businesses can be done outside your regular working hours or in your spare time. They are great start-ups to earn extra money on the side whilst keeping the perks of your full-time job, in between house chores or conducting your studies. Unlike conventional full-time jobs, they’re also easy to begin and require low investments.

Here are some ideas for a good business to start part-time:

Virtual Assistants

More and more businesses, artists, and freelancers are turning to online virtual assistants (VA) to manage their admin tasks, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a VA, you’d be responsible for managing emails, scheduling meetings, following up with clients, answering calls, and other such tasks. It is a great source of passive income.

Some VAs also look after social media accounts and content for businesses and artists. As long as you have a computer and a stable internet connection, you can work as a VA from anywhere.

Personal Trainers

Love working out? You can earn money by being a fitness trainer on the side. Gyms have their own personal trainers but several of them work part-time. You can help clients with their workout routines at your own time.

A lot of personal trainers accompany their clients to gyms, but many others also use public fitness centers and parks to their advantage.


You can make tutoring your side hustle and inspire kids by being their John Keating (you know, Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society). If a certain subject is your forte and you can connect easily with students, tutoring can bring in good money for you.

University graduates are particularly sought after to help children get through higher classes. There are several options for online tutoring services – and these are especially common for learning a new language. So, if you’re bilingual, there’s a side business right there!

Babysitting / Au Pair Services

Just like tutoring, babysitting is another great part-time business idea. You can get started by advertising your services in the neighborhood or through family and friends.

Most babysitting jobs grow into au pair or nanny positions and if you want to pursue this full-time, there are positions for live-in help too. Just remember, you might have to go through a CRB check (Criminal Record Bureau) or a DBS Check (Disclosure and Barring Service).

Online surveys

If you want a really, really low-impact part-time good business to start, try online surveys. There are many companies who offer payment or goodies in lieu of taking their surveys.

The best-paid surveys are organized by academic institutions, and you can earn up to £10 per survey. Good deal for just answering questions, right?

Well, which of these ideas would you want to try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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