7 Things Junglepreneurs do First in the Morning

Junglepreneurs operate in challenging environments and this requires them to be on top of their game. Getting a head start on the day is a tactic that is used by most Junglepreneurs to make a significant impact on their terrain. This momentum is often built in the morning and here are 7 things that different Junglepreneurs do to achieve this.

  1. Exercising:

    A lot of Junglepreneurs exercise first thing every morning. The exercise period is often between 20mins to 45mins on average and can range from aerobics like running and jogging to stretching exercises or power exercises like weight lifting. Many Junglepreneurs admit that they get an energy boost all through the day as a result of the morning exercises. Furthermore, they commented that it helps to reduce the stress that they may encounter during the working day.

  2. Meditation or Spiritual Exercises:

    Junglepreneurs also find time in the morning to meditate or carry out spiritual exercises like praying. This is often done to calm their minds for the day ahead. Some Junglepreneurs have admitted that this helps to keep them focused or centered all through the day. Some also say they even feel a sense of purpose in their business activities and a stronger connection to the universe.

  3. To-do List:

    Some Junglepreneurs use the early hours of the day to prepare their list of activities or tasks for the day. This is done early so they are in the driver’s seat with regards to deciding on what is important. They commented that if they leave it till later, other seemingly ‘urgent’ issues may occur in the day that takes the initiative away from their own important goals for that day.

  4. Checking Correspondence:

    Even though some Junglepreneurs prefer not to check correspondence till later in the day, others have found that a quick check of correspondence or email may be useful in identifying the very important ones that should be attended to early. This is a matter of personal preference though and is based on what works for each person.

  5. Breakfast:

    Many Junglepreneurs also make time to have a decent breakfast in the morning. They mentioned that having breakfast helps them to generate energy in the morning and put their body metabolism cycle in the right rhythm.

  6. Connecting with loved Ones:

    Some Junglepreneurs who have family and close friends mentioned that they prefer to use some part of the morning time to connect with their spouse, children, family, or friends. Some do this either through a shared breakfast, exercising together, short phone calls, chats, hugs, etc. These Junglepreneurs claim that this time is one of their most encouraging periods of the day as being connected to their loved ones gives them a sense of belonging and relevance.

  7. Attending to the hobby or personal projects:

    Some Junglepreneurs use this early time to give some attention to a hobby or project they may not find time to do during the day. Some Junglepreneurs use this time to blog, write a book, practice on a musical instrument, paint, design, etc. It is a time these Junglepreneurs use to do practically anything they fancy for about 30mins to 45mins. They claim this is one thing that helps them to feel they are doing at least one thing for themselves before being thrown into the work of the day.


Most Junglepreneurs do at least one of these activities in the morning and for those who wake up much earlier in the morning, they may be able to squeeze in a few more. The important thing is that Junglepreneurs utilize this early time of the day well and they take the initiative to set the pattern for the rest of their day.

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