5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

An entrepreneur doesn’t wait for an opportunity to come a-knocking; they build their own doors. They are always on the go, hustling hard for their dream. However, running a business is not easy.

In between the daily grind, squeezing in new skills, and strategizing, every day is a new challenge and a lesson. There are ups and downs, rejections and bad reviews, and sometimes, there are days when you want to leave everything and run.

Should you run?

No. You must turn to experts to get right back on track.

Switching to a podcast means that you stay in the zone while still ensuring that you make the most of your busy routine. After all, you are what you listen to!

So, are five Podcasts that every entrepreneur should listen to:


1. How to Start a Startup 

This is not just for budding entrepreneurs but for anyone willing to go back to basics and keep learning. And what better way than to learn from names like Stanford and Y Combinator?  Their ‘How to Start a Startup’ Podcast talks about just that – building a team, execution, raising capital, creating a product, marketing and so much more.

2. The Smart Passive Income  

Blogger and entrepreneur Pat Flynn who is known for teaching investing in online business and generating passive revenues on his blog ‘The Smart Passive Income’, also has an equally successful podcast with the same name.

In this award-winning business podcast, Flynn covers automation, SEO, outsourcing, affiliate marketing, and crowdsourcing. He also has noted entrepreneurs, authors, and business leaders as speakers who talk about their road to success.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

An entrepreneur and best-selling author of immensely successful business books like ‘Tribe of Mentors, and ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’, Tim Ferriss is a widely-recognized influencer today. His credibility also reflects in his eponymous podcast featuring interviews of inspiring people from investing, business, and sports. Ferriss explores the strategies, tools, and tactics they used to reach their peak.

4. Unemployable 

Host Brian Clark, the renowned founder of Copyblogger, talks about how even a freelancer can become a business owner. Clark’s USP is his insights on business aspects of marketing, development, and operations in the life of an entrepreneur. Notable names like Peter Abraham, Jenny Blake, and Gary Vaynerchuk have graced this show.

5. Mixergy 

With over a thousand interviews on his podcast Mixergy, Andrew Warner examines the success and failures of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders of this era. If you want to learn the ‘street smarts’, then you should listen to Warner unearth ideas that inspired the founders behind organizations such as LinkedIn, Pixar, Wikipedia, among others.

Which of these podcasts were a hit with you? Share your insights with Junglepreneur in the comment section! 

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