Business Growth Strategies in Marketing

Business Growth Strategies in Marketing

Getting a business off the ground is not easy, and being seen and heard in a sea of competitors is even harder. On top of it, finding the right marketing strategy that aligns with your business growth is challenging.

But we must do what we must!

Marketing, after all, is like an elixir for a business. It brings a brand’s identity to life.

So, how do you find this elixir? Should you become Indiana Jones? Maybe take inspiration from Captain Jack Sparrow?

Let’s try to answer these questions with these five tried and tested business growth strategies

  1. Let google be your goggle 

When you leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) correctly, your leads can find your business right at the top. The trick is to use SEO to target an audience actively looking for services or products that you offer. This increases your qualified leads and saves money on promotions, advertising, public relations, and other promotional efforts.

  1. Influence with influencers 

Just as you start your business by targeting a niche, you must engage a social media influencer from the same niche too. Influencers have their own follower base, so while it exposes your business to a new potential buyer base, it also creates User Generated Content, that helps in SEO.

  1. Let ‘leads’ lead the way 

‘Free offers with a signup!’ form for an email list is one of the many examples of collecting leads. This brings you, customers, without spending a bomb on an advert. Gaining leads could be as inconspicuous as a newsletter signup appeal on your website or sharing an ebook when a customer shares their mail ID.

  1. Get more social with social media 

Many businesses are already taking up paid marketing on social media. For organic promotion, you can start a blog on such sites that provides value-added content for your followers. ‘Notes’ on Facebook and micro-blogging on Twitter are prime examples of this trend. You can be innovative and instead of an ad, you can launch creative filters or lenses with your brand name.

  1. Teach your way into their hearts  

YouTube is right behind Google, and video tutorials have emerged as the best way to learn pretty much everything these days. You can start by educating your consumers through DIYs, product reviews, and behind the scenes from the industry. This way, you become the go-to brand for people to stay abreast with the industry news, and your business gains visibility as a byproduct.

So, which of these business growth strategies will you use? Are you already using any one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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