Business Lessons From the Bobcat

Size Does Not Matter – Business Lessons From the Bobcat

Size can matter in some things like When you buy clothes or When you get a house. However, size does not always matter in business or in the Jungle.

Typically, smaller businesses can be looked down upon – almost as if they don’t have what it takes to handle the big things. Bigger businesses don’t consider a small business as a threat. Similarly in the jungle, smaller animals are sometimes intimidated by the larger animals.

The bobcat or lynx is a wildcat that weighs between 12 to 20 kg. Despite its smaller size, it has been known to take on larger animals like lions and tigers that attempt to prey on it. The bobcat has so much fight in it that it chases away predators much bigger than itself.

This unusual behaviour of the small bobcat in such seemingly daunting situations actually offers some interesting similarities in the world of business. Let’s see how.

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