Great Business Sectors for Startups

Great Business Sectors for Startups

When considering starting your own business, the first question that you should ask yourself is: Does my start-up company fulfill the market need? It is always better to do some research in order to find out which sectors offer growth.

Below are the top 5 hot sectors in the UK that offer promising opportunities to start a company and make a profit.

Financial Technology

The FinTech industry in the UK is expected to have 88% growth in the next three years, per a survey by the London Stock Exchange. Investment in the UK FinTech sector has expanded by over 500 percent in the last few years and this uptick is expected to continue in 2020.

Virtual Reality

VR was earlier considered to be just for the gamers. Recently, several business industries have started adopting virtual reality as well. VR has a huge potential in the fields of fire and police training, hospital treatments, and safety measures testing, etc. Additionally, in the post-Covid-19 world, VR also has a lot of potential for use in learning experiences that can simulate virtual laboratories, etc.

Digital Marketing

With the digital footprints of businesses increasing drastically, online marketing is gaining traction. Whether it is to build a positive brand image, get more leads and conversions, or make projections and forecasts, digital marketing is going to continually be in huge demand.

Food Industry

There are several opportunities to get started within the food industry, and innovative entrepreneurs will manage to fill the gaps. Whether it is in the food delivery sector, direct from the farm produce, vegan food products, or food for pets, there are a plethora of opportunities to explore.

Cleaning and Clearance Business

The waste and rubbish cleaning industry is needed by every home, business, and office, and as such there are ample avenues for a new start-up company to explore. The cleaning sector is a booming industry that is unlikely to die anytime soon. An example of this is Ideal Cleaning that provides office and commercial cleaning across England and Wales for the last 70 years.

Now that the first part of your research is complete, it’s time to start a company. Good luck! 

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