Handling Jungle Stress with Sleep

Handling Jungle Stress

Handling Jungle Stress with Sleep. With challenging terrains comes pressure or stress. The pressure really does start to mount when those business nightmares begin to play out before ones very eyes. It is a situation which could be likened to being badgered all around with no respite or feeling compressed. In tough business situations a Junglepreneur may feel cornered into a situation in which there is much distress, harassment and with little or no personal control and this brings on stress.

Pressure and stress apart from its bad side effects on a person’s health can be very upsetting and could also cause a lot of emotional turmoil and heartache. Learning how to handle pressure and stress is extremely critical to the Junglepreneur’s success as a business person and one tactic for dealing with pressure and stress is sleep.

This may sound odd but one of the first rules is that the Junglepreneur must not lose sleep at night. It is also a counter intuitive suggestion but when you are under intense pressure is actually when you should try to sleep very well at night. The reason is that a day in a jungle can be likened to a lifetime due to the amount of stress, attention and energy it requires to survive in the jungle. Similarly the Junglepreneur in a stressful situation can be likened to a jungle-like experience which saps a lot of energy and seems to last forever so rest when you can.

You need the rest which sound sleep gives to refresh the mind and body and give new perspectives towards seeing the problems and solutions. Unfortunately, when business challenges come, night sleep is often the first casualty of pressure as worry, fear, despair and anxiety may creep in. If staying up at night is to utilise the time for proper progress then that is fine but staying awake all night to worry and fret will bring no gain as the body and mind will be tired out in the morning. One then loses the full ability to deal with more situations that the pressure will bring that day.

Sleeping well also involves getting into the right sleep routines and taking just the right amount of sleep that is right for you. Some people need slightly less sleep while others need slightly more sleep depending on the circumstances. However it is important to set your sleeping pattern to what is required for you and usually the average routine that works best for the majority of people is 6 to 7 hours a day of mostly uninterrupted sleep.

Getting to sleep well in troublesome situations may be easier said than done but the Junglepreneur must try every possibility to ensure that c

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