Size Does Not Matter – 5 Business Lessons From The Bobcat

It has been said that size matters in all ramification and oftentimes small is regarded as being disadvantaged or incapable. Smaller businesses or firms could be seen as not having what it takes to take on large projects or compete against bigger firms. So in the jungle parlance ‘small’ could be perceived as being the prey while ‘big’ is perceived as the predator. However this is not so in all cases particularly in the context of the business jungle, and the bobcat offers a very instructive business lesson in this regard.

The bobcat or lynx is a wildcat in the jungle which weighs between 12 to 20 kg and has been known to take on larger animals like lions and tigers which attempt to prey on it. The bobcat has so much fight in it that it oftentimes chases away these much bigger predators. This unusual behavior of the small bobcat in such seemingly daunting situations actually offers some interesting business tips

Be Confident: When faced with challenging business circumstances or going up against larger competition, lose your fear. Do all you can to appear confident even if you don’t feel like it as looking confident helps you to draw attention to what makes you unique.

Don’t be Dazzled: In the jungle, big predators sometimes have characteristics which can dazzle, mesmerise or intimidate smaller animals. The tiger has its amazing stripes, the lion has its awesome mane and the cheetah has its blinding speed. In the business jungle, you have larger competition showing off their laurels too but don’t be distracted by this. Focus on your own strengths and abilities.

Take the Initiative: The bobcat often charges predators first. So, when you are going up against daunting competitors it may be in your best interest to make the first daring move. This unexpected action can have the benefit of surprising your competition and throwing them off balance thereby giving you an advantage.

Be Efficient: The bobcat does not waste energy but uses the little it has for maximum effect when dealing with larger prey. So likewise use your resources where they matter most.

Be Nimble and Flexible: The smaller size of the bobcat allows it to move around more effectively and dodge potentially dangerous situations. So in the competitive business environment you can do the same. Even if you are a larger firm you can still spin off a small business unit to achieve this same purpose.

The lesson is that the bobcat uses what it has to survive and even thrive in the face of much larger and more dangerous predators. You can do the same and carve out your own lucrative business niche even when bigger completion exists. So learn from the bobcat.

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