How to Juggle your Officework, Home, and Side Business

How to Juggle your Officework, Home, and Side Business

“I wish I had spent more hours at work,” said no one ever!

Yes, most people work to live, but it is also true that some people live to work. To them, work is not just to eke out a living – it is their way of life. So, while doing “more” at work comes easily to them, it doesn’t mean blurring the lines between office, home and business – especially not at the cost of relationships, family, and health.

Managing a home and giving time to family while still being passionate about your work is not a sin. So how do you juggle office, home and business to find work-life balance?

*Write goals and tasks – Organise home and business 

Too much to do in too little time! Before you drown in a list of chores and bucket list activities, make sure to write down your goals and tasks – and take them on, one day at a time. Achievable goals that don’t overwhelm, will keep you motivated for more while creating memorable experiences on the way.

*Plan your day – Set reminders  

Plan your day the previous night, so you don’t have to waste on unimportant decisions. Set reminders on an hourly basis instead of focusing on a number of tasks; this maintains quality in everything that you do.

*Focus on different roles – Prioritize

No matter how much you do in a day, there will be always something left over for the next day. As long as your tasks are prioritised, things will always be smooth sailing. This will allow you to juggle things from all areas of your office, home, and business every day.

*Cut frills – Save time 

When you plan your day, always leave some buffer time to handle unexpected surprises. In business, a sudden client call or an on-site meeting is pretty common. Setting aside an additional chunk of time will ensure that you don’t miss out on your planned tasks for the day.

*Unplug – Trust your team

Why stress when you can trust? You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Learn to trust people around you – at home and office. Ask for help when you have to, and allocate tasks when you need to. This way, the burden is distributed and you get to unplug and refocus your attention to other important aspects of your life.

How do you manage time between your office, family, and business? Share your tips in the comment section.

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