Evolutions in Global Business, Why Junglepreneurship is Needed – Part 3

Evolutions in Global Business, Why Junglepreneurship is Needed – Part 3

In the new business terrain it is argued that Junglepreneurship and the new law of survival will play significant roles. Reason is that part of the new mindset required to cope in this environment will also be the application of this new law of survival. Based on the Junglepreneurship interpretation, the new law of survival is not just about survival of the fittest, but it is that the most capable business persons will be the ones to survive and thrive. This person has already been identified as the Junglepreneur who has the ability to build a business in any location then ensure that it survives and thrives by all legal means. This is through always being Creative, Adaptable, Persistent, Aware, Brave, Linked, and Energized—by being Jungle CAPABLE which is the crux of the new law of survival.

The components of being Jungle CAPABLE start with creativity, and this means being able to use available resources to make something unique and different. Adaptability means being flexible with your environment. Persistence is remaining steadfast and persevering in the face of challenges. Awareness means knowing what is going on around you and being informed about the terrain. Being brave means remaining courageous in the face of fear or challenges. Linked means maintaining your network and interconnections within the terrain. Energetic means always generating, preserving, and deploying your energy mainly toward achieving your goal of succeeding in your terrain.

This is why Junglepreneurship is needed – to chart a course for business persons who are capable enough to tame tough business terrains and forge a new global business environment.

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