Junglepreneurs Wanted – The 7 Capabilities required!


Since the 2008 financial crises, there has been a massive shift in global business. The terrain now requires business people all over the world to have capabilities which enable them to manage the changes and requirements of contemporary business. These requirements include the need to build massive new businesses and also achieve substantial growth for existing ones. In a climate of shrinking margins, increased work and social pressure and rapid technological advancement a new breed of business people is required to cope.

This is a clarion call to all persons in the business jungle and those at the top of the food chain to emerge and chart the new direction for business. These persons of will and power are called Junglepreneurs and also have seven characteristics which qualify them and also makes them ‘CAPABLE’. I will now unpack the meaning of being capable in this context.

Creative: The ability to use available resources to produce innovative and unique ideas, knowledge, works, goods and services in your business environment.

Adaptable: Having the ability to be flexible to your environment and make the necessary changes required to integrate with it.

Persistent: This is your steadfast perseverance in the face of daunting business challenges and the ability to be relentless in your pursuit of your goals and vision.

Aware: Being well informed about your business terrain and knowing most of what is going on around you for the purpose of maximising the terrain.

Brave: Remaining courageous in the face of fearful, adverse or extremely difficult business circumstances.

Linked: Building and maintaining a strong symbiotic network of people and resources which can give you the needed support for success in your business environment

Energised: Generating, preserving and deploying your personal energy towards achieving your business goals and objectives.

Capable Junglepreneurs are needed in every business environment globally right now. If you have these capabilities then you are in high demand or will be pretty soon. If you don’t have them already then you can gain them through learning and practice. Either way, this is required in the present era of business. You are wanted.

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