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Money Pipes

After getting all this information you now need to find your own niche to make money through a service or product you will provide to exchange for money.

The Junglepreneur now needs to devise a legal way to build and create a money pipe to this money flow that allows a constant stream of income in the direction of the Junglepreneur. The good thing is that the Junglepreneur alone decides how large flow in the money pipe will be, as the larger you can make it the more money flows to you.

However, work hard is still required to find ways of connecting the money pipe to the money flow.

Money pipes can be created in any of the following areas:

Government employment, trading, projects, manufacturing, infrastructure provision, professional services, agriculture, retail, education & training, construction, healthcare, intellectual property, communications, elderly & child care, entertainment, technology provision, security services, music & literary works, transportation, financial services, information, inventions, domestic care, consultancy, housing and property, patents, arts and culture, sports, hygiene, entrepreneurship, supply & logistics, etc.

The important thing is to start the process of earning an income and grow from there till you are strong or big enough to step higher which we consider next.

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