Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

It is time to dig deeper.

The reason is that the seasons will change and as they do it is important to remember that we all have the seed of greatness in us. Yes, each person on the face of this earth has that potential.

Really? So, what about unfulfilled dreams, dashed hopes, and thwarted aspirations? Yes, and that too. It is part of the journey to greatness provided it is seen in that context. Often the challenges along the way can however appear to be daunting, tiresome, and confidence eroding obstacles. Nonetheless, every now and then a new season comes with the opportunity to dig deeper into ourselves.

This is the time to search again for that seed of greatness which still yearns for fertile soil to blossom. Dig deeper, find that seed, and find greatness. It might not be what you think but it will certainly be something that will at least improve another human life.

How do you find the seed and find greatness?

By remembering who you truly are in this season and what you can achieve.  Everyone has achieved something significant at some point in time. For instance, remember that one time when you pushed against all odds and achieved a measure of success? If you can’t recall such a time, then remember that you survived the great odds of human procreation and you now exist here on earth.

Those odds of existence for each human is conservatively estimated to be around 1 in 10 billion – that counts for a lot. So, every single person has been an achiever from the time of being just a little human seed.

Still, the doubt comes in likes a grey cloud. Part of the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling gives the poser about if you can trust yourself while all men doubt you. Question is, do you really trust in your own abilities? Or have the weathering effects of the changing and sometimes turbulent seasons of life whittled it down? Don’t allow weathering effects to erode you. Seasons will change but new seasons will also come with new opportunities.

So, it is time to dig deeper. Dig deeper, trust yourself again. Dig deeper, remember who you are again. Dig deeper, believe in you again. Dig deeper, dream again.  Dig deeper, find yourself again.

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