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Network Security Checklist for Small Businesses

Every business wants to ensure that their customers feel secure with the data they share with companies. Security breaches are not just a loss of data, they’re also credibility damaging. This is why network security should not be neglected.

Here is a five-point checklist to uphold your data security commitments to the highest levels:

1. Train employees on security protocols.

Make sure to impart proper training to your team so they understand the measure to take. For instance, encourage employees to keep an eye for suspicious activities, such as inability to log into an email account in the first attempt. Timely reports can save you hours of back-breaking audits.

2. Monitor traffic.

Avoid relying on alerts for dangerous activities and monitor traffic through your firewall. Make sure to check reports carefully. Keep experts on your team who understand data and can handle emergency situations.

3. Stay up-to-date on new threats.

Deploy a strong frontline defence for your network. Ensure that your anti-virus software and firewall in are secure and updated regularly. Stay up-to-date on new threats as they are posted online. There are several forums where you can read reliable information and tips to stay abreast with current developments.

4. Protection against data loss.

Have your network security personnel install a data protection solution within your network. This will protect sensitive information in case of a network breach. Also, look at all possible options in case data loss does happen.

5. Additional security options.

Always have additional security solutions handy to protect your network from security breaches. These security options could also help your company expand its capabilities. Some of these include routine network assessments, implementation, and onsite support and managed services.


While the above security defence checklist will definitely reduce the likelihood of a network security breach, it is not a comprehensive list. Make sure to have a reliable security team to outsource your network maintenance and security concerns for the best results.

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