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5 Technologies that are Helping You Work Smart

The year 2020 was the year of uncertainty. However, what the industry watchdogs have not missed is while technology has made it easier for the majority of companies to reopen post lockdowns or during the partial lockdown, technology was already catching up; the pandemic simply made the transition faster.

In fact, here are five technologies that are helping you work smart right now:

1. Real-Time Communication: While emails have been primarily used for communication, smart technology has made it possible for alternative channels to communicate instantly. Some of these are emails, voice calling, chats and video calls, and image and file sharing.

Few popular tools or applications that enable real-time communication are:

  • Instant messaging and video calling tools like Skype and Google Hangouts.
  • Wireless presentation systems such as Google Chromecast Ultra and Barco ClickShare.
  • Intranet or social networks such as Facebook Workplace.
  • Web RTC for real-time video conferencing in most browser.


2.Cloud Technology: Organisations no longer need physical storage space data and web services. The cloud technology enables storing data on remote storage devices. This means that your applications and other services run on remote servers.

Below are the most commonly used cloud-based services:

  • Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
  • Platform as a Service (Paas)


3. Collaboration Tools: Although everything is online but team collaboration has taken a new meaning, especially during the pandemic. There is no back and forth of pushing documents and emails anymore.

Some of the most popular collaboration tools that enable sharing of ideas and feedback are:

  • Screen sharing applications
  • Real-time document collaboration tools like Google Docs or OneDrive
  • Online document editors
  • Meeting scheduling through Shared calendars


4. Internet of Things: The IoT tools integrate appliances that nobody thought could be connected through internet. For instance, did you think it would be possible to operate lights through a voice-assistant someday?

Some of the most popular services that assist in workplace infrastructure are:

  • Building management
  • Temperature control, room controls
  • Parking management


5. Artificial Intelligence and Automation: AI and robots have firmly taken their place alongside humans at workplaces. Delivery through drones, self-driving cars, chatbots and customer service automation are examples of what AI and automation can do. Financial and health sectors too are seeing increased use of such technologies for verifying credit history, assessing risk management, facilitating banking, and health monitoring.

Some of the applications of AI and Automation in these sectors include:

  • AI-powered financial solutions like Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML), Onfido, and
  • Risk Management tools like Kensho, Ayasdi, and AlphaSense
  • Health services tools like Benevolent AI
  • Conversational artificial intelligence like Poly AI

Which of these technologies have been able to make a radical change in your work life or office? Do share with us too!

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