5 Must-try Marketing Strategies in 2020

5 Must-try Marketing Strategies in 2020

Modern-day buyers are savvy and particular. In order to keep up with them, companies are reinventing their marketing strategies. The traditional marketing antics are obsolete, and customers want to get involved with businesses that make them feel special.

Here are 5 such marketing strategies for 2020 that you can follow in order to make your business a hit among your customer base.


 Personalized Marketing Messages

You can personalize every message that you send out – thanks to technological advancement. By having a clear understanding of demographics, in-market segments, and your target audience, you can use analytics to your advantage. Personalization can be done on behavioral segmentation or fragmenting the audience into groups based on their actions.

Educate Using Your Content

The content was King in 2018. The content was King in 2019. Content will be King in 2020. The only thing that will change is its presentation. A majority of B2B marketers use content marketing to nurture leads and build audience trust. This can be achieved through informational blogs, quizzes, white papers, and other relevant and user-centric content. In fact, creating relevant, authoritative, and educational content should be on the first priority on your marketing agenda.

Use Data to Drive Creative

Google and Facebook have begun to take control of audience targeting and have started distancing themselves from manual bidding. Also, they have adjusted their algorithms to make them adept at understanding the ad images and copy that drive the best click-through and conversion rates. Hence, using a data-first approach will not only allow businesses to analyze performance metrics of existing creatives but will also help design new creatives that bolster performance.

Persist with Proprietary Data

Using proprietary data to create long-term content with graphics worked well in 2019 and should work well in 2020 also. There is no reason to shift towards anything else. Backlinks from high-authority publications are certain to generate relevant, quality traffic. Proprietary data allows companies to present a story with graphics, give them a unique USP, and make it easy for online followers to re-share it.

Keep Your Old Content Updated

Always update the content that’s already published with the latest stats, links, or info-graphics. This keeps the page index high. Old, irrelevant, and obsolete content is never received well by search engines and sometimes leads to the lowering of your site rank. It is not important but imperative that you make changes to your existing content every now and then so that Google does not push it aside as stale content, rather maintains a keen interest in it.

Which of these marketing strategies are you going to implement in 2020? Do share your thoughts with us.

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