5 Tips for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

5 Tips for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

How many emails do you delete every day without reading? Well, if you’re not too careful, your customers will do the same to your business emails as well. A lot of businesses invest heavily on email marketing platforms, but cannot figure out why respondents unsubscribe or choose to delete their emails.

Here are 5 tips for an effective email marketing strategy for your business:


  • Instead of sending passive emails with a monologue, format them such that your readers are encouraged to reply. Unlike direct mail, emails open doors for meaningful conversations with important stakeholders interested in your business. So, encourage recipients to respond. Use catchy subject lines, keep your content’s voice engaging and entertaining, and send targeted emails. These are a few sure-fire tips that will pique the interest of your readers and make them reply back to you.


  • Keep your mails properly formatted to prevent them from landing in the spam folder. Make sure that your recipients have opted to receive your emails so that you are not invading their privacy. Other than this, refrain yourself from using too many exclamation marks, hyperbolic phrases, and sales-language that put-off readers.


  • The end goal of every email is to increase traffic on the website, or on specific landing pages. No clicks equal to no customers. Hence, always try to include visually appealing buttons with a clear call to action. These provide readers with more opportunities to interact with your business.


  • Campaign Monitor reports that nearly 70% of users open their emails on their mobiles, with a majority checking their mail in the morning. If you find your user base declining, sending mobile-unfriendly mails could also be a reason. If your mails are not optimized for mobiles, you will miss out on a huge number of clicks – and before sending any mail, make sure to test it for correct grammar, working links, and its appearance.


  • As a business, you’d ideally want to keep working and stocking up a customer base for the future. However, a good practice is to contact your customers when really needed. You might be eager to send as many emails as you can to your subscribers but beware of how many times you reach out to them. You don’t want to flood their inbox, neither do you want to become so scarce that they don’t remember your business anymore.


Like most marketing efforts, success in email marketing is a stepwise process. When you combine good planning and reach out to the relevant audience, make sure to use our handy tips for successful campaigning.

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