Tips for On-ground Business Marketing

Tips for On-ground Business Marketing

TV, internet, mobile, radio and other media have opened doors for brands to enter consumers’ lives in real time – up to the point that they become fed up of all the promotional emails, sponsored content, influencer promotions, and YouTube ads.

As a business why would you want to add to clutter to the mailboxes and social media feed of your customers? Why not give them an experience that creates a lasting attachment to your brand?
Why not look for ways that encourage your customer to engage with your brand, prompting them to seek you instead?

On-ground marketing does just that.

It ensures that your audience has something tangible to connect with; they get to see your product with their own eyes. This makes you much more “real” than anything on TV or the internet.

Love the idea?

Here’s how to get started:



Develop a marketing strategy that involves events like sports fixtures, festivals, product launches, promotional events and press conferences. They grab eyeballs and you end up showcasing your services or products to people from all walks of life.


Another effective on-ground business marketing strategy is to go mobile. Marketing tours with customized branded aviation vehicles or buses and using them as billboard ads can build excitement towards your brand and gain more traction to your offerings. You can also sponsor events such as live shows or popular bands who go on tour and cover multiple countries.


If you are focusing on a specific location, then you can leverage newspapers for ads or distribute flyers, coupons, posters, banners, brochures and leaflets in public places to create local brand awareness. It also facilitates one-on-one interaction with the customers. The written word evokes more trust and hence your customer is more likely to keep your product in their memory.


A creative brand hashtag, QR code, and social media account names printed on your company stickers, flyers, brochures, coupons and leaflets and offer them schemes and other reasons that encourage them to visit them. The “Share a Coke” campaign is a live testimony of this methodology.


Tie-ups work wonders for up and coming businesses. Look for a partner that compliments your brand’s image and values and collaborate to create an experience that makes the consumer interact with both brands. Netflix’s Stranger Things and Kellogg’s Eggo waffles partnership is a prime example of this.

The protagonist of the show, Eleven, is obsessed with Eggo waffles in the series. Kellogg started a campaign on social media with Stranger Things hashtags and even shared recipes for buyers. The result? Their sales almost tripled!

To put it simply, on-ground and experiential business marketing techniques create an active immersive experience for your consumers and in turn, also drive your target consumers to your business and company. Do try them out for a change.

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