How Content Enhances SEO Marketing

How Content Enhances SEO Marketing

David Ogilvy, the advertising tycoon, forever changed how advertising was done when, in the 50s, he said, “The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.” The iconic quote demanded that advertisers stopped trying to assume that their customers were stupid. Rather, they were intelligent enough to need information and not tall claims before they made a purchase!

Decades later, Digital Marketing, too, needs the same – a sound marketing strategy. After all, using some fancy keywords or being ‘present’ online doesn’t cut it. Your customers need insightful and engaging dialogue that tells them more about your product and services to inspire them to make a purchase.

… and content marketing does just that!

Let’s dig in to find out more:


1. Content increases user engagement on your site. 

Recent studies show that users, on average, take 0.05 seconds to decide if they wish to stay on a website. This short attention span is a very small window, basically what we call the bounce rate – and it can make or break your site rank.

So, what do you do to increase this attention towards your business? You let the content be the vehicle for SEO marketing. SEO needs keywords and content marketing is creating more content through blogs, articles, UGC, videos, social media, and mobile apps – hence more keywords.

It is that simple!

And it is not just your target audience.

2. Google is also hungry for good content. 

Webpages at the top three positions in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) have an average content length of around 2,400 words.

Through content marketing, businesses can come up with relevant and insightful content. It not only retains customers on a site longer but also increases chances of ranking higher because Google too prefers pages with maximum visitor engagement.

3. Content is the KING.  

Authentic content does not just give customers pertinent information, it serves as the foundation to begin lasting relationships with them.

Let’s take an example. You sell bespoke perfumes. As expected, there would be articles listing the ‘best places’ to buy tailored fragrances. But you can stand out by researching and writing on topics your potential customers are searching for the most and but not finding enough results.

This will help you become the thought leaders in your business vertical and gather more leads in the process.

So you see, the need for good content is increasing day by day and if you leverage SEO marketing correctly, your unique content increases your site ranking and grabs you more eyeballs. The right research, knowledge of the target audience, and personalized content can take your business to new heights.

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