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Achieving Work Life Balance

What is the ideal description of achieving a work-life balance?

To get this, a good place to start would be to first describe what work-life balance is not.

Achieving work-life balance may not necessarily mean an equal balance between your work and non-work time. Achieving work-life balance does not also mean every day will look the same and the same things will be repeated day after day.

So what lies at the core of describing an ideal work-life balance are two things; achievement and enjoyment.

Achievement stems from being self-sufficient, from having done enough professionally in order to settle down and live well. This sense of achievement can come from a corporate career. It can come from being a business owner. It can come from being a professional sportsperson.

It can come from being a local community service organizer. Achievement may manifest itself in any way to you, but it must bring with it a sense of enjoyment.  So the ideal work-life balance evokes feelings such as pride, happiness, celebration, love, satisfaction, and most importantly, a sense of well-being. In short, you will experience all the joys of life.

Achieving the ideal work-life balance would be enjoying life daily on all fronts, namely family, friends, self, and work. Whether you are in office working on an assignment or on an evening out with friends, you enjoy every moment of it and feel as if you are having the time of your life in doing so.

When you become a person enjoying everything you do, it reflects in your personality and starts rubbing off positively on your relationships with people. They feel attracted towards you and the sense of confidence, fulfillment and well being that you exude.

If you are able to, whether through experience, self-management, or through sheer will, achieve this kind of balance wherein you enjoy everything happening around you. Share your ideas and thoughts with us on how you achieve your work-life balance.

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