8 Ways to Work Smarter

8 Ways to Work Smarter

Working smarter is the new hack. Less hours, higher productivity, efficient time management, and happy clients are all hallmarks of working smart.

The following tips written give some pointers to working smarter and being more effective with work.

Manage time wisely

Prioritize tasks. Switch off or be away from your phone when you are working. Ignore all non-urgent emails coming in during that time and reply to them when you are not engaged in something important. Set firm deadlines for tasks and be resolute in meeting them.

Type Fast and Use Shortcuts

Take absolute control of your keyboard by learning to type faster and using all the shortcuts to speed up work. For instance, F2 helps rename a selected file. Pressing Ctrl + “I” key converts selected text in Italics. Pressing Shift + “F3” key converts the selected word for the first time into Upper Case, next time into Lower Case, and for the third time only the initials into Upper Case.

Use Productivity Tools

Use your calendars, alarms, planning tools, and focus apps regularly and effectively. These will help to prioritize your tasks, needs, and boost your productivity to enable working smarter.

Monitor the tabs on your browser

Avoid opening multiple tabs on your browser. In such situations, you consume a lot of time trying to open the one which you are looking for. Opening multiple tabs at the same time slows down your browser as well. Use ‘OneTab’ to maintain a neat list on the screen of all such tabs and to open the one you want to quickly as and when you need.

Maintain a “Task” List

Maintain a list of tasks. To-do lists help keep a track of tasks that must be done on priority. To-don’t lists help keep a track of tasks that can be completed later on.

Be Specific in Meetings

Once pleasantries have been exchanged, go straight to the point during meetings, or client calls to wastage of time. Talking crisply, pleasantly but to the point in meetings or while making new contacts It will save you plenty of time.

Ask Clear Questions

Ask clear questions at the right time. By doing this, you gather valuable information necessary to take meaningful decisions. This will help you save valuable time.

Look After Yourself

Your greatest resource is YOU. So take good care of yourself. Sleep well and exercise regularly. Take timely breaks and relax when you need to, don’t skip your meals. When you look after yourself like this, you will always feel fresh and stay rejuvenated to produce better results.

Whilst it is important to work smarter, do not be obsessed with it as there are certain time-consuming tasks in life which demand long periods of time and attention.

They must be given the necessary priority at the right time. Let us know know your preferences and thoughts on working smarter.

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