Evolving Tech Innovations in Post Covid-19 Era

With the focus on social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some contemporary technology trends to watch in post-COVID new normal.

These trends are advancing at a fast rate and 5 are identified below.

Sensing and Mobility

Sensing and mobility overlap and compliment particularly because sensing technology enables mobility. Advanced technology in this area will lead to innovations in 3-D sensing cameras, autonomous driving, autonomous flying vehicles, and light-cargo delivery drones. These advances will have considerable impacts in times to come.

 Augmented Humans Tech

Augmented humans technology is aimed at providing people with immersive experiences, empowering them to work virtually from anywhere. Augmented sound and hearables are set to alter the way you listen to your environment. Digital taste and smell will augment the way you share and receive information, Storytelling will be enhanced to be more engaging for users.

Human bodies will be augmented through electronic textiles, embedded technology, and brain-controlled interfaces. Upcoming innovations under augmented humans technology include biochips, personification, augmented intelligence, emotion AI, immersive workspaces, etc.

Postclassical Computer and Communications

Postclassical compute and communications cover the deployment of advanced technologies to transforming computing and communication power. Low earth orbit satellites being a prime example of it. These satellites are changing how people are connecting and commuting globally and in underserved areas in particular.

Outcomes of postclassical compute and communications technologies include next-generation memory and nanoscale 3D printing.

 Digital Ecosystems

A digital ecosystem is a framework within which digital technologies reduce friction in business ecosystems. Such ecosystems are becoming decentralized to let users have complete control over their data and minimizing the data influence of organizations.

Synthetic Data, Knowledge Graphs, Decentralized Web, etc. are a few examples of digital ecosystems.

 Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics

There have been significant advancements in AI algorithms. The new avatars of AI are machine learning, edge AI, edge analytics, explainable AI, AI platform as a service (PaaS), transfer learning, graph analytics, and generative adversarial networks, etc.

The democratization of artificial intelligence has made it accessible to end-user organizations as well, unlike earlier when only technology corporations could use it.

These 5 technology trends in the world of science & technology are some to watch out for in the Post Covid-19 new normal.

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