Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

In the current challenging times of global pandemics and economic uncertainty, every act of kindness helps as demonstrating such goodwill has immense importance in people, society, culture and business. We all appreciate gestures of kindness and empathy when  going through these hard times. In such periods you often value having positive people around with whom you can have a good laugh or simply be at ease with.

Imagine the times when you visit your favorite store, you always look forward to that nice and friendly person there who provides you a great service. The care evident through the service makes you grateful and expectant of future positive encounters. For the person providing the service too your appreciation is an act of kindness to show that the service efforts did not go unnoticed. At school or college, teachers put in a huge amount of effort and time into passing on the right knowledge. Students and even parents showing appreciation for these efforts demonstrate acts of kindness.

In the office, helpful colleagues are always required. In particular during challenging times when extra dedication and innovation is required to keep the organization and systems running efficiently. The office boss or business owner who recognise, value and reward such colleagues help to demonstrate appreciation and encourage work fulfillment. Carrying out genuine charitable works too also demonstrates compassion and empathy towards others in challenging life circumstances. Taking care of endangered animals and species impacted by life-threatening situations is also an act of kindness to these animals and towards nature

Visiting old age homes to meet elderly people dependent on assisted living and making meaningful contributions is a caring act. Referring to someone for a work or career opportunity helps give the concerned individual a kind boost when they need it most, particularly in the current times. Being a food, financial and resource donor of all kinds is being a true humanitarian in every form. Even spending quality time or showing extra care for your family further demonstrates your kind feelings for them

The maxim says, “no matter how small, an act of kindness never goes unnoticed”. This should also serve as your inspiration for you to keep up acts of kindness.

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