The Junglepreneur 70% Rule

The Junglepreneur 70% Rule

As a Junglepreneur, upon waking up every day, your personality traits have to be dependable enough to enable you to survive and thrive in the tough business terrains. In many instances, these Junglepreneurship traits have a life-and-death meaning to the economic prosperity and even the physical survival of the Junglepreneur. So plan to acquire or hone your traits to derive maximum benefit through them for each and every passing moment of every single day in the business jungle.

Furthermore, you need to align your personality traits to your life goals. To do this first list out about eight to ten of your most identifiable personality traits that you have identified over time. If you are not certain of your personality traits, you may also ask someone who knows you well to assist you with this process. Next, identify your major life goals, and then consider your identified traits carefully to see if they are suitable enough to help you to achieve your desired goals.

Now, test the suitability of your traits by taking each trait and matching it against all your life goals to see if these traits help you achieve the majority of the goals. This is called the Junglepreneur 70% Rule. That is, if a trait is not required by at least 70% of your goals, then choose another. Continue this process until you can decide on at least five good traits that meet the 70% rule and which you need to succeed. Finally, consider carefully if you already possess these traits or will need to get trained in order to acquire them.

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