Imagine this scenario about awareness in the jungle. A wild buffalo cautiously approaches a river populated by crocodiles but it must have a drink so it moves closer and stoops down for a drink. Whilst it is having the drink it is cautiously aware of its immediate environment. The buffalo is always consciously watching the water and surrounding bushes to notice if a crocodile is trying to lunge out to grab it by the neck and drag it into the water for the crocodile’s dinner. That is life in the jungle, and similar things do happen in business life too. So awareness is crucial but why is it sometimes overlooked? Now think of this. Have you ever driven down a road and been unable to recall doing so, or have you heard someone mention something to you just a moment ago and been unable to recall it? It does happen to most people, but the answer to awareness being overlooked is that we sometimes live our lives on autopilot. This is especially when things are moving in a fast and frenetic pace, as would be the case in a tough business environment.

However, this is precisely the time for the business person to build a keen sense of self-awareness by paying more attention to what goes on around and also to what is going on inside his or her mind. You do this by practicing being present in your mind. This develops in you the ability to slow down and see things or hear things in the external world and also perceive what the internal mind is trying to communicate. Furthermore, it was Gordon Selfridge, founder of Selfridges, who once said, “People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice.”

So if you develop the skill of taking notice, it will enable you to grasp important information that may have been missed and be consciously aware of everything being done or said. This process gives great recall and helps the business person to get more success and enjoy activities more. You also become more adept at taking action as you learn more and know more about daily and business activities as a result of paying more attention. This skill is what sets very successful achievers apart from the rest. Awareness enables them to see and hear what others cannot perceive, and they tune in to their internal communication. These attributes do give the very vital edge to win. So, be consciously aware.

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