Handling Panic

Handling Panic

If or when a business emergency happens and a rapidly agitated state of mind or panic sets in, the business person may fail to act or to decide in the best, safest, and most reasonable manner required to handle the situation at hand. The ability to control panic is a mindset quality that very successful business people have learned, which enables them to think through very serious situations that would have been otherwise devastating. Though it is very difficult to achieve when faced with such a situation, the business person must never, ever panic. Don’t panic despite whatever pressure the situation brings.

It is said that a quiet mind is best for getting a proper perception of the outside environment. So in a panic situation, you must strive to achieve a serene state of mind within an instant in order to think very clearly and very quickly for the best solution to the problem. You must train to achieve this serene state of mind, which will not panic but will think clearly in a tight situation. Since panic can be devastating, one of the ways to control it is by quickly calming your nerves through various techniques. One of the techniques used in achieving serenity is mind preparation during normal daily situations. In this case the Junglepreneur finds opportunity on a daily basis to constantly tell the mind never to panic, until the subconscious mind gets the message and will speedily calm the nerves in any situation.

When a deer from the forest wanders onto a highway and is caught in the headlights of a vehicle quickly moving toward it, panic is what causes the freezing of its mind. Since its mind freezes in fear and confusion, the deer’s muscles also freeze into inaction, and the deer is subsequently hit. To avoid this scenario in sometimes alarming business situations, you must learn to deal with panic and always keep your wits about you.

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