Your Compass

Your Compass

The worst thing that can happen in the jungle or anywhere for that matter is not to know which direction to go as one will soon get lost. However having a compass and knowing how to use it alongside understanding the movements of the elementals like the Sun and the Moon, will help to map out where one is located and the right way forward. It is very similar in the business jungle as there is the need to know ones exact location and to have a compass and elementals to move forward in the right direction.

Someone said the worst thing in life is to have reached the top of a long ladder set up on a very high wall only to realise you have been climbing up the wrong wall. So choosing the right direction relates to deciding on your particular area of business interest and having a vision for it. Vision itself is seeing the desired end target of all that you want to do concerning your business.

The Junglepreneur should clearly identify what is the personal vision or corporate vision for the business or project and what is to be achieved from overcoming all the obstacles. The vision must be a sharp, clear, detailed picture held in the mind with constant focus.

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