Achieving regular communications is important rule for business. Communication involves the transmission of simple and complex information using various media of transfer for the purpose of passing on or receiving instructions, decision making, research, knowledge, intelligence acquisition, transaction completion etc. The various media include telephone, email, fax, radio, wireless fidelity (WIFI), video-conferencing, one-on-one or group discussions, SMS, signs, coded signals etc. Communications is one of the most vital survival tools and no matter the situation, the Junglepreneur really must always find a way to reach and communicate with people.

Communications must be given a high priority in everything because once it can be achieved you have the critical capacity to pass on important messages, get things done, influence resources, and access vital means of survival. When operating in a new and unfamiliar business terrain or location one of the first things that must be done is to find a reliable means to communicate constantly. The military are aware of this great importance of communications and which for them is the lifeblood of all military operations. They do not play around with it as it is extremely essential to their success in any operation. In a similar manner, the Junglepreneur must appreciate and protect communication ability by all means and at all costs. If you have to choose between using resources for other things or use them to get communications, the choice for communications should have a high priority.

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