Evolutions in Global Business, Why Junglepreneurship is Needed – Part 2

Evolutions in Global Business, Why Junglepreneurship is Needed – Part 2

With the ongoing massive shift in business, global leaders have realized that one of the ways to achieve and sustain international economic recovery is to boost the development of huge numbers of fresh small and medium enterprises. There is a need for new business people to enter the market with innovations. So in the coming years, it is expected that there will be a massive global drive to build these new businesses and provide an enabling environment.

However, there is a key missing ingredient, which will be needed to complement all these initiatives. This resource is required to prepare businesspeople for the tough business terrains they will face in the new business world. This missing ingredient is argued to be the concept of Junglepreneurship because tough terrains will be experienced in all parts of the world by different people. Why? This is because it is all a different ball game now and businesspeople will really need to see things from different perspectives to be able to tame varied business environments. Businesspeople will need the right mindset, philosophy, frameworks, paradigms, and tools to survive and thrive in the new rapidly evolving, and turbulent terrain. These are all contained in the concept of Junglepreneurship which has the Junglepreneur as its proponent thereby possessing a great advantage in the new business terrain.

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