Expectation is inherent in everyone. Every human has an internal level of expectation regarding success and what they can achieve. This internal expectation level has been set by the program the mind is running based on narratives. This may often not be based on the actual potential—which may be immense—but it is often based on what people have told themselves. It could even be based on what others may have told them about their abilities or inabilities. This results in each person having an internal ability thermostat set by narratives. A real thermostat will regulate the temperature of a building by increasing or decreasing the temperature. In the same way, your internal ability thermostat will regulate the success you are able to achieve, through narratives in the subconscious mind. If wrongly set to a low level, the ability thermostat will actively reduce achievements, using the subconscious mind. It does this through self-sabotaging behavior like procrastination, negative self-talk, avoidance, discouragement, delay, lack of commitment, indiscipline, etc. These are simply ways in which the subconscious mind is trying to protect you from what it perceives as too much success for your internal ability to handle.

You need to find out if your internal ability thermostat has been set at the right level, based on your actual potential and abilities. If your internal ability thermostat is set too low or too high, it needs to be reset based on realistic potential. Your true potential can be discovered after carrying out an audit of personal abilities, opportunities, and weaknesses. Note after the self-audit, that you do not focus on your weaknesses, but rather you should conduct a personal-development program, which will focus mainly on strengthening abilities. The internal ability thermostat can also be reset through personal-development techniques like the Junglepreneur MINEKIT, RETINA or other training programs.

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