3 Traits for Taming Tough Business Terrains

3 Traits for Taming Tough Business Terrains

Taming tough business terrains requires special traits and characteristics which are embodied in the Junglepreneur and some of these include willpower, discipline and adaptability.


is the ability to maximise your decision-making ability by utilising your inner strength to take action in a desired direction. Willpower is necessary to overcome obstacles, achieving discipline, goals and objectives. Willpower is what is required for the Junglepreneur who must to be ready to go the extra mile to get to the resources necessary for survival.


involves the application of the willpower to motivate the appropriate behaviour over basic desires, instincts or emotions which may not be in line with vision, virtues, beliefs, rules or purpose.


means being pragmatic and practical enough to use what resources are presently available to meet the immediate needs and then build up from there to achieve your goal or vision.

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