Junglepreneurship has come to stay and it has already been argued about why it is needed due to the evolutions in global business. However the question on everyone’s mind now is where lies the concept of Entrepreneurship which has been its fore-runner? It is quite simple, Junglepreneurship does not seek to usurp Entrepreneurship, as it is a fruition of entrepreneurial notions and in fact derives its foundations from it.

So to put it into context, the Junglepreneurship concept is an innovation of entrepreneurial ‘behaviour and learning’ or what might also be called ‘nature and nurture’. Junglepreneurship has also innovatively placed Entrepreneurship within the context of extremely challenging business ecosystems and the new law of survival. So this actually is the Junglepreneurship ‘FOCAL Point’ argument as concerning the formation (nature or behaviour), capacity(nurture or learning) and location of the business person.

At the corporate level, Junglepreneurship is also very much concerned with enterprise development and clustering policy, FDI-SME linkages, international entrepreneurship and SME-Global Value Chains. At this level, the Junglepreneurship concept will actively seek to promote matters related to enterprise innovation, adaptation, growth and strategic management in diverse business environments.

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