Why Start a New Business?

Have you decided to start a new business? If the answer is ‘yes’, then the next question is why? To make money, you may say, but then there are other ways of making money as well. Why specifically go through the hassle of arranging finance, signing collateral, hiring people, finding customers, and maintaining accounts, all the while keeping your personal life stable? Why are you willing to undertake these pressures?

If you even took 30 seconds to think of an answer, there is a cause to worry. Whether it is your home based online business or a giant enterprise that you dream of building, a new business can be challenging and it is difficult to succeed without having definite reasons for launching it. In the following paragraphs, you will get some motivation and reaffirmation of the fact that starting a business is a great way to achieve financial success:


Independence is neither a virtue nor a vice however the need to have control is as old as humanity itself. It is quite challenging for every single worker to have a 100% happy working life, at least in this present world economy. No everyone will be satisfied with a regular job even if the job is stable. Then consider the long-term effects of working strenuously throughout the week, and following the same rigid schedule every day. So being self-employed or starting a new business can be a way to work on your own terms without decreasing your fortunes.


Following on from the last point, owning and managing your business also gives you creative freedom.  Instead of being just another employee in a large corporation, you will be the soul of your venture, and thus be able to observe your output in a quantifiable form. Where do you go when no one wants to invest in new ideas, and scammers are searching for prey all the time? You start your own business.


Finally, all factors being constant, you are paid at work because do your job consistently well. And over time, you develop expertise in your industry. You become an insider, knowing more about the industry than the average Joe. Will you keep offering your expertise to a company for a fixed income till retirement?

Why don’t you use this knowledge and experience, which no one else has, to start and manage your own new business? This is especially true in e-commerce. In fact, now and in the coming years, selling your expertise in the form of software solutions, webinars, blogs, eBooks, and consultancy services is one of the most lucrative way of earning money. However paid employment does offer the certainty of a pay check at the end of the month in exchange for your independence and this may suit some. However if you are the adventurous type think your reasons through before you decide you want to stay in paid employment as there may be opportunities for you by starting your own new business.

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